seminary-based curriculum

formal theological training for church leaders with no formal training experience

seminary-based curriculum

There is a great need for formal biblical training of Christian leaders in India. Many in India who come to Christ and ultimately experience the call to ministry have no access to, or resources for, formal theological training.

SAEM seeks to provide for this need as our resources allow us to. Our goal is to provide seminary-based training free of charge to as many pastors and church planters as we are able to. 



For $400 (USD) we can provide a 2-day training session for 30 pastors.




Pastors & church planters training

  • Training rural church pastors who never had any formal training to help them become deeply rooted in the Word of God.
  • Training evangelists and church planters in biblical foundations to prepare them for planting and growing churches in unreached areas.
  • Working with our ministry partners and supporters to provide for seminary- based biblical training.
  • Our long-term plans are to have a resource center complete wth curriculum books and a library for ongoing training.