villages & tribal outreach

Of the 1.35 billion people living in India, only 2.3 percent are Christians. Most Indian Christians live in the cities, meaning the majority of the 1.27 billion people who remain unreached with the good news of the gospel message live in rural and tribal areas.

Our goal at SAEM is to build bridges for sharing the gospel in these unreached areas. We plan on doing this through evangelism, church planting, fresh water projects, and self-betterment programs.


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Support a missionary family for $100 (USD) monthly for three years.



evangelism & church planting

  • Going and sharing the gospel to unreached villages and tribal regions.
  • Sending native missionaries to live among people groups and plant churches.
  • Developing tools for evangelism and sending missionaries by raising supporters.
  • Our long-term plans are to develop community based projects (women self-help trainings, micro-loans, fresh drinking water projects etc.) to practically show God’s love to the marginalized and share the gospel.


church planting


village outreach

The villages and tribal areas outreach efforts of SAEM are intended to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of unreached people groups. Rural areas in much of India are agricultural societies and subject to many associated challenges. Sources of fresh water are always a need. When periodic droughts affect crops and income, many other needs may develop.

Our long-term strategies are to provide for fresh water well projects and income producing education such as skills training and micro-loan initiatives. Through meeting these physical challenges our hope is to build bridges for sharing the gospel.

We currently gain access to villages by providing outreach programs to the children. In India society it is usually the children and then the women who are first open to the message of the gospel. When we have success with women and children, then the men often become more open to our outreach efforts.

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