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needs list

SAEM seeks to meet the physical needs of people with long-term goals in mind. It is good to provide food, training skills, and spiritual needs as we encounter them. But when we conduct a one-day feeding event with the leper colonies, we are asking ourselves, “How can we provide food and nourishment for them over the coming months and years?” As we conduct skills training we are searching for ways to allow those trained to use their new skills for job placement or self-employment. As we lead people to Jesus Christ, we do so knowing that discipleship is needed afterwards. Below is a list of SAEM needs with long-term vision in mind.

Two wells – One well at Periyamallipatti Village and one in village on outskirts of Dharmipuri. Each well would cost $2,000-$3,000 depending on how deep it needs to go. This would provide much needed water resources to these communities and build bridges to sharing the gospel with the surrounding population.
Total cost: $4,000-$6,000

Two pieces of property (about one-quarter of an acre each) for Irrular tribal people to have as a place to package products (nuts, berries, honey) from the forest. This would also provide a place for children to come and receive food and also be used as a place of worship. The cost of a piece of property that has already been identified would be $1,500; the second property has not yet been identified. The cost of building simple structures on each property would be minimal.
Total cost: Approximately $3,000

One truck for the SAEM ministry – would allow SAEM to earn money with delivery services and would be used to help the tribal villages get food to the market to sell.
Cost: $10,000

Christian Center in Dharmapuri where SAEM is based. This would be a place to do weddings, baptisms and have Christian materials to sell.  A master plan will be developed in the near future and a search for property conducted.
Cost: Currently unknown (this is a long-term goal)

Surgical procedure for P&P child – A young girl from a poor family has a cleft palette; she is one of the children in the SAEM Prince & Princess children’s program. Needs attention and funds to get it done (looking for free medical, but will still need about $300; surgery will cost additional).
Cost: Minimum $300

Monthly financial support for John Scudder and his family – John devotes his full-time to the ministry work of SAEM, so he and his wife & 2 children are dependent on donors. He currently receives $400 in monthly support from a church in Mississippi; he earns an additional $100 on his own; they need an additional $500 monthly to live comfortably.
Cost: $500 monthly

Leper colonies feeding program – $500 a month for feeding programs per colony; need support for 2 colonies.
Cost: $1,000 monthly

Orphanage for SAEM ministry – Prince & Princess children currently live with pastors and their wives and families or their grandparents; more children could be accepted with a dedicated land and building. John is searching for land in the district. SAEM already has $20,000 in donations toward this goal and $10,000 has been pledged; they need $10,000 more to arrive at the $40,000 needed to begin the project.
Cost: $10,000

Small church and church planter support for establishing a church in Periyamallipatti Village – The building for the worship center and the church planter and his family to live in already exists, so that will not be an expense.
Cost: $200-$300 a month for church planter support

Sewing skills training ministry for Periyamallipatti Village – Need teacher and sewing machines. A teacher can be hired for $135 a month; 5 sewing machines + 5 stools @ $75-$100 each.
Total cost: $375-$500 plus $135 monthly for teacher

Give a gift of clean drinking water to an unreached village. (We provide a clean drinking water facility through a local missionary so that the villagers get clean drinking water and we get the opportunity to share gospel).
Cost USD 1500 – USD 2500 (Depending on the water resource the depth of drilling varies from 300 feet to 1200 feet. Every place has unique needs for water pumping motors, hand pumps, length of the water hose, electricity provisions and so on).

Sewing machines for women in India ($100 for each machine). Our local partnering churches give sewing machine training to ladies through a six-month program that provides them with sewing skills for self-employment. We also seek to provide each woman with a sewing machine through our micro-economics program so that they have the tools necessary to start a small business for self-sustainment. This empowers women and their community. They get to hear the gospel and we have the opportunity to make disciples through this process.




how can you support SAEM?

1. Support the work through prayers.
2. Volunteer for a short-term mission trip.
3. Through monthly sponsorship or a one-time donation.

To Sponsor and Donate

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