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The primary mission of SAEM is to preach the gospel and make disciples in unreached rural and tribal parts of southern India. Our ministries include orphan care, pastors and church planters training, and evangelism and outreach. SAEM is registered with the government of India as a non-profit organization. 



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John Scudder is the founding president of  South Asia Evangelical Mission (SAEM). John is married and the father of two children. 

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John Scudder holds the following theological degrees: Bachelors in Theology from Southern Asia Christian College in Chennai, India; Masters in Divinity from Union Biblical Seminary in Pune, India; and Master of Theology in Mission from  SAIACS in Bangalore, India.

 India is a country roughly the size of mainland U.S.A. with a population of approximately 1.35 billion people. There are 2,553 people groups in India with 22 national languages. Of the huge number of people living in India, 1.27 billion (95% of the population) is unreached with the good news of the gospel.

The religious makeup of India’s population is:

  • Hindu 80%
  • Muslim 13%
  • Christianity 2.3%
  • Sikhism 2%
  • Buddhism 1%
  • Other 1.7%



orphan care

Meeting the needs of local orphaned children through our Prince and Princess orphan care mission.



pastors & church planters training

Working with our ministry partners to provide seminary based training for pastors and church planters.



evangelism & church planting

Working with local church planters and evangelists to plant churches and preach the gospel in unreached areas.



villages & tribal outreach

Doing outreach ministries and providing needs to villages and tribal areas to build bridges for sharing the gospel.


mission trips to Saem

These two videos highlight mission team visits from Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, Kentucky (USA) in January 2019. These two teams participated in the various outreach ministries of SAEM. By viewing these two videos you can get an idea of the depth and scope of the outreach efforts of SAEM and better understand the physical and spiritual needs in this part of India.


Melissa Taylor

Greetings, my name is Nick Sandusky and I pastor Arkabutla Baptist Church. In January of 2015 I was able to visit India, and meet our dear brother John Scudder. The longer I was around John the more I could sense his genuine spirit, and love for our Lord Jesus Christ. The first few days of our trip I was able to meet the children of P&P (Prince & Princess orphange), and see the facilities first hand. It was obvious that the need for this organization was great. A few weeks before I went to India I was reading through the Gospel of Luke. Although I have read this Gospel many times, it was this time that a certain verse stuck out to me.

It is found in Luke 12:48 and in it Jesus says, “For everyone to whom much is given, from him much will be required; and to whom much has been committed, of him they will ask the more.” As I saw the need of P&P it was this verse that kept running through my mind. There had to be something we could do to help. As I spent more time with John the more I saw that P&P was not just helping children materially, but more importantly they were investing in them spiritually. They pour the Gospel into these children, while praying they become witnesses for Christ in their own land one day.

As I returned home from this trip, John and P&P was constantly on my mind. I looked around at the blessings, comfort and provisions we have, and couldn’t help but be burdened for the needs of these children on the other side of the world.

I could write much more, but I will sum up the rest very quickly. The Lord laid it on my heart to present a ministry opportunity to our church. In March of 2015 we began praying about starting a ministry to support orphans around the world. That prayer became a reality when we began PURE Ministries. Our first goal was to help raise funds for P&P and their building project. However, John Scudder was able to visit us in September of 2015. With his visit PURE Ministries became convicted of a more urgent need than the building, and that was the immediate needs of the children of P&P. PURE asked John what the average cost to support a child was per month at P&P; as he mentioned above the cost is $80 a month. As a result PURE Ministries promoted an “adopt a child” campaign to the members of
Arkabutla Baptist Church. It was a huge success and I am grateful to say that through the sacrificial giving of God’s people, we were able to sponsor eight children of P&P. Because of this, though, we have not been able to give towards the land; it is my prayer that in the next year God will work mightily through you and PURE to help P&P complete this building project.

Please pray about supporting this work so that P&P will no longer have to turn away children who need a loving, and more importantly a Christian home. This is a dark land that is in need of a great light. What better way to reach the people of India, than by raising up Indian children to be missionaries to their own people. Blessings, Pastor Nick

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John Walker

My name is Rick Taylor and I live in New Market, Tennessee (USA). I first met John Scudder on a 2007 short-term missions trip to India. I have seen firsthand the spiritual and physical needs of the people of India. I can testify to the heart that John has for sharing the gospel in a part of the world that is in dire need of the good news of Jesus Christ. John is doing a much needed and necessary work through SAEM in India and could use your prayers, partnership, and financial support as he seeks to grow this ministry and impact more lives with the power of the gospel message.

About saem ministry


After attending seminary and obtaining several degrees John Scudder pastored a church in the country of Malaysia. 

After several years God began to call John to return to the village and area in the India countryside where he grew up to plant churches and share the gospel message.

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