Sharing the Gospel with Southern India

Welcome to SAEM!

The primary mission of SAEM is to preach the gospel and make disciples in unreached rural and tribal parts of southern India. Our ministries include orphan care, pastors and church planters training, and evangelism and outreach. SAEM is registered with the government of India as a non-profit organization.


Meeting the needs of local orphaned children through our Prince and Princess orphan care mission.

Working with our ministry partners to provide seminary based training for pastors and church planters.

Working with local church planters and evangelists to plant churches and preach the gospel in unreached areas.

Providing sewing machine skills training to enhance economic outlook for women and their families.

Doing outreach ministries and providing needs to villages and tribal areas to build bridges for sharing the gospel.

India is a country roughly the size of mainland U.S.A. with a population of approximately 1.35 billion people. There are 2,553 people groups in India with 22 national languages. Of the huge number of people living in India, 1.27 billion (95% of the population) are unreached with the good news of the gospel.

The religious makeup of India’s population is:
Hindu 80%
Muslim 13%
Christianity 2.3%
Sikhism 2%
Buddhism 1%
Other 1.7%